About GBR4WD

The Georgia Bounty Runners 4 Wheel Drive Club is an organization of families that participate in responsible off-highway, legal trail riding in 4-wheel drive vehicles. Our spouses, children and friends do accompany us to most events. The GBR holds one business meeting and one trail ride each month. We require you to attend one meeting before joining us on a trail ride. This requirement is enforced so that prospective members understand the club’s safety requirements both for their protection and our members protection.

The business meeting is held on the first Saturday (second Saturday if the first weekend is a holiday) of the month. The location for the meeting is in the Atlanta, GA area. Visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/gbr4wd to see when and where our next meeting is being held. We meet at 7:00 P.M. We cover club business, driving tips, mechanical tips, trail ride planning, and reports on previous trail rides. The monthly club trail ride consists of such organized off-road events as the Dixie Run, Smoky Mountain Venture, or a ride on a legal trail in a nearby National Forest or ORV area. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any trail ride.

Any make or model 4×4 is welcome, from stock to highly modified. We do require that the vehicle have a low range transfer-case and be street legal with up to date registration and insurance. Most members in the club started out with a stock or near stock 4×4 and over the years have built it up to handle more difficult trails as they gained experience. So you might be asking, Should I bring my stock Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Toyota or Land Rover on a trail ride”?? Answer: Sure, as there is usually a milder bypass around extreme obstacles.  Also, the GBR adheres to “Tread Lightly” which promotes responsible use of our nation’s public and private lands.

Another question that people always seem to ask is, “Will my vehicle get damaged??” Answer: There is always the possibility that damage could occur either from the trail or from vehicle breakage (usually a result of lack of maintenance). In either case you will not be left behind to fend for yourself. Our philosophy is: “We arrived as a group, we will depart as a group”. Take a look at the Gallery section at the bottom of this page to get a better idea of the types of trails and events we do.
Most trails we run have a milder bypass around the more difficult obstacles. Thankfully we’ve never had any serious injuries on a trail ride. This is largely due to the safety requirements and policies the club practices and enforces on all rides.

If you’re looking to join a club where you are not happy unless you lay your 4×4 on its side while ripping the fenders off, then the GBR is not for you.

However, if exploring legal off-road trails, socializing in a family atmosphere, sitting around a campfire after a day of trail riding, sharing laughs and swapping tall off-road tales interests you, then contact the Georgia Bounty Runners 4WD Club and join in on the fun.

Contact us at: president@gbr4wd.com
or visit our Facebook page: facebook.com/gbr4wd

Please excuse our website as it is still under construction.

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